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"I came to Dr. Murdoch with Crohn's disease. I was in a flare-up, passing blood, losing weight. In 6 weeks, thanks to his treatments and recommendations, I felt better than I'd felt in 5 years."
~J.S. Cape Coral, Florida

"I made more progress with one session of Robie Murdoch's counseling than in 11 yrs of therapy"
~M.T. Cape Coral, Florida

"For 7 years after my stroke, I was not able to put my heel to the ground. One acupuncture treatment with Dr. Robie and I could straighten my leg. Thank you, Dr. Robie."
~J.F. Dallas, Texas

"I have Parkinson's disease. The acupuncture that Robie gave me really kept the wolf from the door. During the 6 years that I was having treatment, my condition did not decline, and occasionally there were improvements."
~L.A. Christchurch, England

"I had migraines. About 12 treatments with Robert Murdoch cleared them up. Thank goodness!"
~M.D. Dallas, Texas

"Dr. Robie saved my life."
~T.N. Cape Coral, Florida
(Thanks for the details T.N.!)

"I don't understand how you know more than regular doctors, and I work with them everyday."
~B.K. Fort Myers, Florida


"I am experiencing a more quality life after undergoing acupuncture treatments from Dr. Robert Murdoch. The treatments helped mind, body, and soul with positive outcomes."

~ Tom Bauman


"Dr. Murdock is an articulate, thoughtful and resourceful acupuncture practitioner. I highly recommend him."

~ Milton Goodman

"Yes ! Definitely !! He and his staff were very helpful. Looking forward to seeing him in the future."
~ J.L. Cape Coral


"Great atmosphere! We had a newborn check up, which was very thorough. I felt very comfortable and had no Doctor anxiety at all. Dr. Murdoch was very patient an even took a break so I could nurse. This was by far the best pediatric appointment I have experienced. I look forward taking my other child to see him."

~ K.M. Cape Coral

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